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David Resneck-Sannes MD

5403 Scotts Valley Drive, Suite A, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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Optimal Health Starts With You.

Welcome, we look forward to helping you thrive!

Our practice is a Western medical practice that features a solo practitioner, as well as an associated Chinese medical practitioner. We specialize in treating adults and senior patients. Among the illnesses treated are chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and insect-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease. We also work with established pediatric patients.

Dr. Resneck-Sannes offers comprehensive medical services and guidance through a referral process to UCSF, Stanford, and El Camino Hospitals, as well as referrals to specialists he has been found to be most reliable and trustworthy. 

"From my first appointment with Doctor David back in 1986, I knew he was a great Doctor. He listens to you, I've never had a doctor sit and listen like he did and does."   ~M.A.

Care Services

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Senior Medicine

Zoonotic Infections

General medical care

with an interest in:


Simple Ultrasound


Office-based Minor Surgery

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Advanced cardiovascular screening blood tests

through Boston Heart



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Note: The office schedule is arranged so that scheduling

an emergency issue the same or next day is often possible.

Our clinic provides electronic health records that are similar to those used in larger medical facilities. This grants you access to your lab results, appointment reminders, and direct communication with your doctor via email through our online portal.

Access Your Health Records with Our Online Portal

Our Team

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Our friendly staff and compassionate physicians specialize in providing

quality healthcare and wellness services. We take the time to make sure you and your loved ones are well taken care of.

Welcome to our office where East 

meets West! We are very proud to

offer Western and Eastern medicine all in one place! 

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We offer reduced-cost cash medical care, please call the office for more information

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Note: To make an appointment with Dr. Fengli Lan, please click on the button to the left 

Please fill out the form below to contact our office with any questions you might have regarding our practice. To schedule an appointment, please click on the button to the left to be directed to our appointment page and we'll get back to you promptly. 

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Debra E.

"This brilliant diagnostician saved my life!  I remained undiagnosed with progressing symptoms for 18 months. I saw 8 doctors within a Santa Cruz medical group who promoted 2 surgeries and various medications without a proper diagnosis. I knew not to go down this path. Two doctors in the group recommended I see Dr. David Resneck-Sannes, which I did.  He LISTENED, took a detailed history, ordered tests not considered by others, and discovered the pathogen responsible for turning my life upside down. He is not only compassionate and intelligent; he is well versed in current research and treatment options. He is now an integral member of my Stanford Hospital team.  According to the lead specialist at Stanford, "Dr. Resneck-Sannes is always two steps ahead of us here at Stanford." Lucky me!  Yes, this doctor is indeed, as good as it gets!"

Casey S.

"Best. Doctor. Ever. Prepare to wait - bring a book, your laptop, take a chill pill, and don't sweat it. He's worth it. My whole family has been seeing dr Dave for 20 years. He is thoughtful and thinks outside the box. For example, I take my daughter to urgent care and they tell me she has pink eye and give me antibiotics. A week later I take her to dr Dave and he takes a swab, puts it under his microscope, and says it's allergies. It's not brain surgery but he is not going to jump to the same old conclusions as the doc Ina box types. He is good at sports medicine, open to many alternative ideas but also keeps up on the current meds. He found ovarian cysts in my teenager.  He has prescribed things for me that no one else would try and has been a lifesaver. It's a one-man office and you wait because he spends so much time on you. And will call other doctors on your behalf.  I am pretty impatient in general and this is the only place I will put up with it.  Totally worth it for quality medical care."

Todd J.

"Dr. Resneck-Sannes is easily the best Dr. I have ever been to. I moved here from the Central Valley about 6 months ago, and due to the medication I take it was very important to find the right person. This doctor takes the time to listen to you, evaluate the situation, and discuss what the proper steps will be. He does not just grab a prescription pad and start writing, which is refreshing. His staff is very nice and always make you feel comfortable, Andrea seems like a very friendly person and I already look forward to saying hi to her when I come in."

Patient Reviews

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